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Car Loan Documents for Self-Employed Individuals

Identity ProofAadhar card
PAN card
Voter ID
Driving licence
Address ProofAadhar card
Voter ID
Driving licence
Ration card
Utility bill (telephone, electricity, or water)Life insurance policy
Age ProofBirth certificate
School transfer certificate
Aadhaar card
Bank Statement3-6 months bank statement
Business Ownership ProofTo prove that the business is under operation, the following can be provided:
Office address proof
Maintenance bill
Utility bill
Additionally, the applicant must also provide a copy of the business registration license.
Proof of IncomeIncome tax returns for up to 2 years
Audited balance sheet
Profit-loss statement
Signature Verification ProofMost banks have separate forms to prove the signature of the individual.
Proforma InvoiceA proforma invoice containing the price of the vehicle must also be filed along with the other documents to indicate the desired loan amount. Most banks offer up to 95% of the price of the car as loan.
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