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What is PPI?

PPI stands for “PORTAL PROGRAMMING INTERFACE”. This is designed in such a manner that it helps the end user “your customer” to work on your “Connector” own website.

Data & Analytics

PPI helps you to collect the best quality leads and also the source of that lead in a click. The connector can easily manage the leads and take actions on that.

Dashboard view

Client Control

With PPI, the connector will have the hold on his client and on the same side will help to build the good communication between connector and his client.

Be the real owner of your Data

Pricing Problem

With PPI, the connector can set his price for any of the services sold by website and that price will be fully controlled by him.

Change the price as per your wish.

Brand Enhancement

With PPI the customer will directly be at the connector domain or website and it will help the connector to create the image of his business.

Your Domain! Your Brand

Staff Issue

The connector don’t need too many skilled staff for punching the files, working on the leads and many such task.

Less Manpower

It’s not about services,
It’s about ‘YOU’!

Hoogmatic always stands for his connector and our aim is to make you independent financially. So, with the PPI we are moving one step closer to you and provide the high class services with the help of the latest technology availble.


Services and Items inbuilt

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In approx. 150 minutes launch your brand.

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